Swim Team

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Winter Swim Team 2014-15

Returning swimmer registration will start Tuesday, August 18.  See the team’s Team Unify page for registration information

Tryouts for new team members will be held on Wednesday and Thursday September 3 & 4 from 6-8pm at the Deer Path Branch.Prospective swimmers only need to attend one of these dates but must register.

All swimmers trying out for the team must register for the tryout.  There is no cost associated with the registration.  The purpose for the registration is to gather some information about the swimmer(s) and to enable us to prepare an organized and structured tryout. 

 Tryout Instructions  (also included in this packet)

1. Read about the structure of our team at hcyswim.com under the “About HCY” tab.
2. Understand the groups within the team by reading under the “Practice Groups” tab.
3. Fill out “Tryout Registration From” (last page of this packet)
4. Turn in “Tryout Registration Form” at the front desk of the YMCA
5. Show up at tryouts

What does your swimmer need for tryout?

Each swimmer trying out should bring:
Swim Suit (a racing or practice suit: no shorts)
Swim Cap (a racing or practice cap: no shower caps)

What will be required of your swimmer at tryouts?

Swimmers will be timed in a race format in the following events:
Swimmers 8 and U: 25 Freestyle, 25 Backstroke, 25 Breaststroke, 25 Butterfly
Swimmers 9 and Over: 50 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke, 50 Breaststroke, 50 Butterfly
***Swimmers may choose not to race a stroke if they are not comfortable.

The goal is to assess the stroke development and racing ability of each swimmer.

On what basis will we be selecting swimmers for the team?

HCY has limited openings. Not every group has the same number of openings. We will be trying to match the age, stroke development, and racing ability of the swimmer with the openings that we do have.

In groups for which we have more swimmers trying out than spots available, we will offer spots to the swimmers who have the best combination of stroke development and racing ability.